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Audition Information

Does singing relieve your stress, causing you to feel happier?

It does for most people. If you would like to sing for our director at an audition, we might have a place for you among others who really enjoy singing. Please consider a short audition session with our friendly music director and you may be pleasantly surprised with the rewards that singing with Choral Spectrum can provide to not only yourself, but the audience as well.

Auditions are by appointment.

Please e-mail for more information.

Membership Information


Once admitted to Choral Spectrum by audition, singers do not have to re-audition unless they drop out for more than one semester.


Music is provided to each singer who then is responsible to return it at the end of the semester. A singer should notify the Music Director and the Librarian at once if music is misplaced. In the event music is not returned, the singer will be billed for replacement costs.


Rehearsals are held Monday evenings at 7:00 - 9:00 P.M. during the school year. Attendance is absolutely necessary for building fine ensemble singing. If, for any reason a singer must miss a rehearsal, he/she should notify the Music Director ASAP and prior to the rehearsal.

Outside Practice

Because rehearsals are only two hours in duration, some work on music at home is necessary. Some singers like to set up rehearsal times with a partner. Others learn the music at home to be prepared for more crafting at rehearsals. Additional rehearsal time may be scheduled as needed.


Membership dues of $100.00 per year are required.


Two major concerts are given each year, with dates agreed upon by the singers.  Other concerts also may be scheduled, in consultation with the singers.  Perfect attendance is expected at the two major concerts, unless one has the prior consent of the Music Director and the Executive Committee.

Concert Wear

Women: Long black skirt, long-sleeved black blouse which matches others in Choral Spectrum, and black shoes.
Men: Black long-sleeved dress shirt and black tie, black slacks and black shoes.